Help configuring mySQL

  • Hi all,

    I'm trying to use the guide here to configure mySQL -- after that I want to get Greyhole up and running. I have no prior experience with mySQL and so am not 100% confident that I'm interpreting the Guide correctly.

    The Guide refers to using SQL Buddy to change some root passwords. As a reply to that post says, SQL Buddy doesn't appear to be the management console that is in use on the latest version of OMV. When I carry out steps 5-6 my server gives me MyWebSQL version 3.6 - screenshot attached.

    What I'm not sure about is how to translate the instructions given in the Guide into the different interface offered by MyWebSQL. The instructions refer to 'putting a checkmark' next to three different users and then setting their passwords. I can find the 'User Manager' tool under the Tools menu at upper left, and I can see the three users referred to in step 6 of the Guide. However, I'm not sure what the checkmark referred to in step 6 refers to when translated across to the MyWebSQL interface, as opposed to the SQL Buddy one. I'd prefer not to change any settings without being sure what I should be doing, since I don't want to break anything.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction, please?

    Thank you!

  • Hi,

    the manual you used is outdated.
    If you want to change the root password, you can go to "tools/user-manager" (or similar / translated from german) and change the passwords of all "4" root users:


  • Hello!

    Thanks for your help - much appreciated. Am I right in assuming there is no need to make any changes to anything else, including the permissions?

    Also that the same root password can be set for all four users?


  • Hi,

    I am going through MySQL setup again, this time on an RPi OMV setup that I'm making for a friend.

    Was following instructions here and above in this thread to set up MySQL as a precursor to setting up Greyhole. While setting MySQL admin passwords as per step 6 of the guide (modified as per earlier posts in this thread which responded to my question), MyWebSQL logged out and went back to its login window, and wouldn't log back in again. Now if I try to get back into the management site, I get an error message (see screenshot) and can't log in as root, either using the blank password or the one I had set for two out of the four users by the time of the problem.

    Any ideas how I can get back in to finish editing the root passwords?


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