Accessing shares outside of home network using domain name

  • Hello,

    I've enabled CIFS and SMB shares on OMV and I've set up user access.

    I can access the shares using my local IP in windows, and I can access the shares using my external IP as well. However, I cannot access the shares using the domain name my server is behind. I can access the WebUI using that domain, just not the shares. I've Googled for a bit and found mostly dead ends, however I did see something about NetBIOS needing to be configured but I haven't found any information on how to do so in OMV. NetBIOS is configured on the client computer (confirmed by checking ipconfig /all), I'm just not sure how to do so on the server.
    The necessary ports have been forwarded as well on the router, like so:

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

  • You're playing a dangerous game here. Samba is not meant to be used in WAN links.

    Maybe think about using using SFTP or OpenVPN (with samba)

    Ah okay, I'm quite new to network storage solutions so I haven't figured out all the specifics yet. I'll look into the SFTP route then.

  • I would bet that you can easily configure an OpenVPN server on your dd-wrt box.

    Yeah, I'll look into that as well, I've been hoping to read up on and use a VPN for some time now, so maybe now is the time to try it :)

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