Ist OMV 3.0 already stable enough for my tasks ?

  • Hello,

    the DMS System i'm using received an upgrade and is no longer compatible to Wheezy :-( so i'm forced to install everything on Windows or reinstall OMV but as testing 3.0 with the Jessie Kernel.

    Therefore i would like to know how stable the current version is and if there are already working plugins for the software im using.

    It would be:

    • unionfilesystem plugin for having pool with mergerfs
    • Snapraid Plugin
    • plexmediaserver
    • Sabnzb usenet downloader
    • sonarr
    • TVheadend, but TVH is no musthave

    I would appreciate any comments and/or recommendations.



    OMV 3.0 / Plex / Snapraid / Tvheadend / ecoDMS / sonar / sabnzbd
    ASRock C2750D4I / 2x Kingston KVR16E11/8 / Dell PERC H200 Crossflashed / 8x WD Red 3 TB / 60GB TeamGroup Dark L3 SSD / Samsung 750 EVO 256 GB SSD / Sundtek Sky TV Ultimate 6 DVB-S2

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