Force a Password

  • Bit of a noob here to OMV. Have searched high and low and cant find anything on this.

    I recently built my own file server on my network. Everything works as it should but what i would like to try and do is force users regardless of what computer they use in the house, to log on and enter a password. My main computer i only needed to do this once, and when ever i start the computer i have automatic access to my shared directory. Id like to make it so that i have to log on everytime. The server is not online all the time and only used for backup and a networked "My Documents". I have two users, myself and my father whom he has his own directory on the server, but again he only needs to log in once then there after hes always got access.

    Am i missing something here ? is it staring me in the face lol ?

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • I assume you guys using the Windows clients to access your OMV system.
    Windows will ask you if you want to save its credentials when you sign in network shared drive.
    Just un-check that option.
    Or go to the Control Panel and remove the credentials manually from User Account settings.

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