OMV stops during boot

  • Hello, I need some help...
    My system is freezing on boot, just after:

    DHCPOFFER from
    DHCPACK from
    Reloading /etc/samba/smb.conf: smbd only.
    bound to -- renewal in 2147483647 seconds.

    Exactly as in this tread:


    The same as Bugje did, ^\Quit helps to go on.

    But he solved his problem disabling ipv6. And the same does not aplies to me.

    It was too hard to change eth settings, almost as if i didnt had right to do it´, neither by web acces, neither by ssh with OMV-firstaid.
    After many tries, I did set static IP, and achieved successful boot 4 or 5 times.... and after that, the problem reapeared.

    So, I would apreciate very much any help

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