Wich FS / raid should i use ? How do I safelly transfer

  • Hello there !

    I'm discovering NAS & OMV 3 as i'm setting up a HP proliant g1610t server.

    Currently most of my media files are on my main windows computer :

    • windows : 4to normal drive for videos, formated NTFS. Half way full. Other drives won't move.
    • Gen8 server : ssd for system, 1x 3to NAS drive (formated ext4). Both are almost empty.

    I'd like to buy other drives, 3 or 4tos, and add them to the Gen8 - I'll restart the installation from scratch if necessary.
    Ideally, I'd like to have :

    • HP Proliant Gen8 : ssd for system, 3x 3to NAS drive, 1x 4to normal drive.

    On this server I'll run :

    • OMV 3 + deluge,
    • MotionEye (or ZoneMinder, but motioneye fits better with my raspberry pi cameras and doesn't require apache2),
    • personal webserver (wordpress, display scripts for IoT stuff) - It's mostly a backup but I'll need it one day or another.
    • some backup solutions for my work (I haven't read enough to pick one yet)

    the disk usage would be :

    • media (movies, music) : 3 to - expanding...
    • data backup (work, pictures, misc, isos etc.) : max 1 to
    • system backups : max 1 to
    • motion (camera files) : max 1 to
    • website : 1 gb

    I have a TON of questions, but mostly :

    • What kind of FS / raid / snapshot should I use ?
      Should i separate the motion files (a lot of writes) from the media/backup files (very few writes & reads)?
    • How do I safelly transfer my movies from the 4to NTFS formated drive if I plan to reuse the same drive in the final setup ?
      Is it even possible whithout using another drive ?
      Can I : create a pool/raid/whatever, copy the media files, add the 4to drive to the pool ?

    Thanks !

    PS. Sorry for the poor grammar, I read a lot of english but never write...

  • I'd go for ext4 filesystem over mdadm raid.

    mdadm allows creating "degraded" arrays, so you can build a raid 5 volume with just two drives (check "missing" parameter in mdadm man page), copy data from ntfs drive to it, and then wipe ntfs disk and then add it to the array . Later on you could add another drive to the array to expand it and then grow the ext4 filesystem in it.

    There's another option: ZFS. Pools, deduplication, snapshots... More complex for a begginer (IMHO) and quite RAM-hungry. 8 GB bare minimum and 16 GB recommended.

    OMV 4.1 on Debian 10 @ HP Microserver gen8 [2x 256GB SSD ZFS mirror on root + 3x 8TB ZFS raidz1 pool]

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