Firewall/iptables issue in OMV 3

  • Hello,

    So I am trying out OMV 3 but I seem to have some problems with the firewall/iptables.
    I have basically setup my firewall according to this post (Help setting up firewall (iptables)) + some rules of my own. However if I add the last "Reject everything else" rule I get problems if I try to do a cold boot. Basically I have now network connection and when running ifconfig -a there is no IP for my eth0 device (but there are no errors during the boot process).

    However, if I then restart the box from the command line (reboot), I get a "Failed to start Raise network interfaces" error during the boot process, and when checking systemctl status networking.service I can see several failures, including "run-parts: /etc/network/if-pre-up.d/openmediavault-iptables exited with return code 4". However, strange thing is that now I actually got an IP and I can connect to the box just fine. However, If I again do a complete shutdown and cold boot I get the exact same issues.

    But removing the last "Reject everything else" line from the firewall/iptables seem to fix everything... So should I setup the last rule somehow differently in OMV 3 compared to OMV 2 (maybe systemd related)? I used the exact same firewall setup in OMV 2 for years....

  • Ok, so...

    One thing that I did not mentioned is that I had installed hplip from the jessie backports. While installing i did noticed that it also installed a large amount of dependencies, and it did in fact ask me if i wanted to change some systemd configurations but I chose not (keep current configurations was also the default option).

    Well I did a fresh re-install (just in case I had messed something up) and while installing hplip today I noticed that it installed a newer version than last night. Checked the change log and indeed it seems like they pushed a new version last night (http://metadata.ftp-master.deb…epack0-1~bpo8+1_changelog). Also, haven't had any problems today... so... I guess that the older version of hplip (3.16.9) caused the problems I had last night...

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