USB Sticks/CF Cards Should not be used as System Drive

  • For that kind of money why not get a small SSD and velcro somewhere inside the case? It will probably be faster than the SLC micro SD card as well.

  • Hi,

    Just a word on wear-levelling with Compact Flash.
    If the CF card is SMART compatible, and has the right sets of flags, you can activate SMART surveillance, and check for wear-levelling.
    In my case, it's the 2 first SMART indicators in the following pic : Available_Reservd_Space and Media_Wearout_Indicator. The first one tells how many reserved 8k new blocks are available (on my card...). The second give (in 10000th) the number of remaining writes before theoretical wearout.

    As for all SMART attributes, this is not completly full-proof, but it can gives you a good idea.

    It also gives you information about sector burnout...

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