The ProLiant ML30 and DL20 Gen9

  • I wanted to share a bit of info with ya'll in terms of cost/performance.

    The ML30 and DL20 servers happen to be built upon Intel's very own architecture Greenlow. The good news is that this is a server class chipset, with all of the HPE management and enterprise stability that we all crave. Is also the most inexpensive lineup, and you can use any consumer class Skylake processors currently available, from the classic Pentium all the way up to i7 and Xeon E3. Basically you can buy yourself a basic model and build it up if you happen to have the extra parts. Here are some highlights:

    • DDR4 UDIMM ECC supported (cheap nowdays) with a maximum of 64GB
    • ECC DDR4 RAM is optional, NOT required
    • From consumer to enterprise class processor support based on Skylake
    • CPU with IGD is NOT required, iLO acts as the system GPU
    • Embedded iLO4 management
    • Very quiet for home and office use
    • Dual embedded gigabit NICs
    • Built for 24x7 operations
    • Full UEFI support!
    • 6 SATA AHCI/RAID ports, X4 on mini-SAS connector, X2 onboard SATA ports
    • Embedded micro-SD card slot (not recommended for OMV, but excellent for ESXi or embedded pfSense)

    They both have options for storage backplanes if you like. 100% compatible with Debian 8.xx on UEFI or Legacy BIOS modes as well (I tested this) and you can add the Ubuntu/Debian repositories to add the monitoring tools that interact with iLO. The ML30 has the advantage for home use since no rack is needed and can hold more drives. Also, just between us, a little bird told me that 7th generation Kaby Lake processors will be supported. :D

    Additional specs:

    ProLiant DL20 Gen9
    ProLiant ML30 Gen9

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    Learn more about HPE's iLO included in all ProLiant servers.

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