Suddenly Webinterface and connectivity broken

  • Hy guys!
    I hope you can help me.

    At first my system:
    -Motherboard: Asus C60M1-I with AMD A50M
    -RAM: 8GB G.Skill Ripjaws DDR3-1066 Dual Channel
    -System Storage: USB 8 GB SanDisk Cruzer Fit
    -Data Storage: 4x 2TB RAID5

    I have a really nerving problem with OMV.

    All has start, that i would copy my complete data (after i had build this nas) to the nas over 1GB LAN.
    While this copying, sometimes the nas has interrupt it. Then i must start the copy again. Datapiece for Datapiece.
    But then i couldnt start it again.
    The NAS System (OMV) had a bug.
    No acces to the server with LAN and the Webinterface was broken, too.
    The webinterface comes up all right now. But wehn i give the login username and password,then the explorer flashes shortly white. But then it resets ans i come to the loginwindows again.

    After this problem i have reinstall OpenMediaVault on the USB Storage again.
    Now it was running, again.

    After i had configue all new, I have shut down the server and have make a ImageFile from the USB System Storage.I thought i can get a backup from a running OMV.

    But then, again!
    There was no change on the USB Stick and after ShutDown it was running so beautifull.
    I have Start the System after the Bachup of the USB Sick and the Webisterface and the connectivity is broken, again!

    I cant understand. I hope somebody can help me. Many Thanks people!

  • Hy people!

    I have copy my data to the NAS again...
    And the connection interrupts again.
    Its just when i copy very much data a long time.
    The NAS is then no more in the network.

    But in this case with OMV on HDD i can Restart the system successful.
    Not so nice, but O.K.
    Iam happy enough when i can restart.

    But anyway, when somebody somehink know, then please let me know!

    A other Question yet:
    My HDD LED on my serverfront is all the time in stress.
    Some HDD is working... all time!
    My CPU is on 80-95%

    What is this?
    Its not the Antivir-Plugin. I have disable it.

    By, Ruby

  • Hy! Thanks for answer!

    Yes, i know what you say.
    The thing is, that the RAID was synced already.
    ... and now it is syncing again.

    Possible becaus e the restart. That OMV repairs a error in the RAID texture?...

    Today it is ready. Over night the resync was done
    CPU is in idle, too!

    I hope this silly connection interrupts comes never...

    By! Ruby

  • Hy!

    I would start the copy again.
    After one minute the connection fails again.

    One minute with 27-33MB/s

    Windows has this diconnect sign of the network device, too!
    Just very short, disconnected.
    When i start the copy again, the Storage is back again.

    I have try limit the bandwidth to 20MB/s.
    But this hastn fix the problem.

    I have open the Webinterface of OMV while i have copy.
    After some seconds(!) the failure aigain.
    The Webinterface has give me a message:
    (in backround you can see the RAID status ...)

    Whats going on here. Not nice!...

    I hope anybody can help me!
    Till later!

  • Hi ruby90. I've been into the same problem the last 2 days, and it looks like I've found the problem. I added 2 more drives to my RAID5 array this week (growing from 4x 3To to 6x 3To). I didn't had enough SATA ports available so I also added and addon card I had (JMB363 controller). After the growing/expansion operation, I started to move datas to the array and ran into the same problem (copy stopped, webinterface unavailable, etc...). At every restart, the array started a new resync. after 3 resync and multitesting the 2 new hard drives to check if one of them wasn't DOA, I decided to replace the addon controller card by another one (based on SIL3132 chipset) and also the SATA cables. That definately solved my problem, so maybe you have a defective SATA cable or controller. Hope this can be helpful for you.

    Interesting fact to notice :

    - rebuild speed with the JMB363 chipset : around 25000Mb/s
    - rebuild speed with the SIL3132 chipset : around 60000Mb/s

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