Wiping drives error #4000 then Not detecting drives

  • When I try to wipe a 1TB seagate drive OMV gives me the following error and after I refresh the page the drive disapears from the list of physical drives until I reconnect it.

    Error #4000:exception 'OMVException' with message 'Failed to execute command 'export LANG=C; sgdisk --zap-all '/dev/sdb' 2>&1': Problem opening /dev/sdb for reading! Error is 6.Problem opening '' for writing! Program will now terminate.Warning! MBR not overwritten! Error is 2!' in /usr/share/openmediavault/engined/rpc/diskmgmt.inc:313Stack trace:#0 [internal function]: OMVRpcServiceDiskMgmt->wipe(Array, Array)#1 /usr/share/php/openmediavault/rpcservice.inc(125): call_user_func_array(Array, Array)#2 /usr/share/php/openmediavault/rpc.inc(79): OMVRpcServiceAbstract->callMethod('wipe', Array, Array)#3 /usr/sbin/omv-engined(500): OMVRpc::exec('DiskMgmt', 'wipe', Array, Array, 1)#4 {main}

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