FTP "Keine Berechtigung" "No authorization"

  • Hi,

    I can log in to the ftp-server, but when I put <file> I get "Keine Berechtigung" "No authorization".

    I gave Read/Write-Privileges to the ftp-user for the shared-folder for the ftp-server.

    Did I forget anything important?

    ftp> put t.txt
    local: t.txt remote: t.txt
    ftp: setsockopt (ignored): Permission denied
    ---> PORT 192,168,66,5,193,32
    200 PORT command successful
    ---> STOR t.txt
    550 t.txt: Keine Berechtigung

    Thanx, Peter

    omv 5.2.5-1 + extras
    Mainboard Fujitsu D3417-B
    CPU Xeon E3-1245v5; RAM 32GB
    System SSD M.2 PCIex4 128GB
    2x HDD WD Red 8TB; 1x extern USB HDD Toshiba 16TB (MG08ACA16TE)
    PowerSupply 300W 80+
    USV Schneider APC CS 350
    idle 27W, nominal 35W, max 150W

  • Did I forget anything important?

    Maybe, maybe not.

    You cannot write to landing folder since is a virtual chroot. However you should be able to upload to the displayed folders when you login if you have the appropriate privileges and permissions. So for example

    /-- (you cannot upload files or folders here)
    |-> Share1 (folder available to write)
    |-> Share2 (folder available to write)

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