A few questions about OMV 2 on HP Proliant Microserv Gen8

  • Hi guys,

    a few things about my NAS:

    my 1st message here. And happy to use/read this forum and OMV on a fresh setup on my new HP Proliant microserv Gen8 with 8GB ECC Ram.
    1st, installation with OMV 2.0 on SSD and then after a few steps, my Raid5 worked fine with 4 HDDs.
    All my HDDs are full, and i modified some setups about limits (95% is nice for me, 80% was too low).
    I ran extension on my system, after changing HDD by bigger. Nice extension, quick and without issue. OMV 2.2.13 is working very fast and fine.
    in a few days, my NAS will be in full 4x4TB raid5.

    and now my questions:

    in the forum, i am looking for a OMV 2.x guide with screen explanations of a few pages. where can i found it out ? there is a lot of guides, questions, but it is difficult to me to see what it is maybe in front of me.
    About trash limit, there is a value of days and a value of size. What is the unit ? KB, MB ?
    When i plug a monitor, i can see during a few 1/10sec, a warning about incompatible bios ? i will screen it in a few days if i get it. My bios is, i think, up to date. i will test it.

    my system is great, with very good performances vs usual Providers NAS , for a price really interesting.

    may be a day, i will try to update Debian Whezzy to Jessie and OMV 2 to OMV 3. but not sure that i have enough skills in OMV to do this without stress.

    Thanks OMV staff and members :love:

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