Question about moving files from different folders

  • Hi,

    Im pretty new to OMV. I've used it once before to try out on a virtualbox and finally i've got it up and running on a dedicated computer. I've set it up all fine as far as i can tell. Anyway i have a question

    I want to have a user account for accessing media (Media Folder: Holds my movies for everyone with the username and pass to watch)

    At the same time i have transmission up and running and it has 2 folders - an incomplete folder and a downloads folder.)

    How can i move files from the Downloads folder after they finished download into the media folder? I don't want this to happen automatically because i often seed my downloads for a few days after i have them. Can i do this over the Web GUI? Do i need to set up the transmission folders with my apple share and move them when i connect to the server through AFP?

    Thanks for reading,


  • Hi!

    Well, I migrated from OpenFiler to OMV yesterday.
    I needed to copy my files from openfiler disk (lvm2 - XFS) to my new RAID 5.

    I did it in command line ssh:

    root@BioNAS:/media/a0e7e84c-b1t1-4e22-aab3-250404f7e015/OldVol# cp -R * /media/u458d856-t4f6-4e22-aaz3-485604f71458/NewVol/
    root@BioNAS:/media/a0e7e84c-b1t1-4e22-aab3-250404f7e015/OldVol# cd /media/u458d856-t4f6-4e22-aaz3-485604f71458/NewVol/
    root@BioNAS:/media/u458d856-t4f6-4e22-aaz3-485604f71458/NewVol# chmod -R 777 *

    Don't know if it's the good way to do it but it works!

    It should be ok using the mv command instead of cp.

  • I too have transmission setup with two folders and am not sure if i understand your query?
    but I will provide what i have done and maybe it might help.
    I have my torrents set to stop seeding after the ratio hits 2.5. this way i can easily delte them ater they have stopped. so when transmission moves the files from incomplete to finished I then move them to the shared folder on OMV Videos (this is where i'm confused, is your movie share on your OMV and played with lets say an apple TV? or do you use something different to store your movies?).
    I move files through myt network all the time and can say the speed is not bad, average speed is about 80mb a second. it's about the same if it's from one share on OMV to another on OMV. I have also used rsync to move files from drives connected to my OMV and really don't save much time doing it this way as compared to just using a computer and doing it through my network.

    Not sure if my post will be any help or maybe just confused you more. either way if you have a question I'll try and help.

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