Deactivate Email-notification for login?

  • Hello,

    after an update a few days ago, I receive the following mail for each login to the webgui:

    There are two threads without a solution ~ 1 year old:

    webui email notification for every login - where to configure?
    Mail notification each time I log into Web-GUI, how to switch off?

    Is there a solution now? Like a conf-file in which I can change the reason for the notification manually? In the Webgui, there isn't an option for "Login-Notification".

    Thanks for your help in advance.

  • This thread is the first hit for a google search "openmediavault login notification" so I thought I would share my experience with this issue.

    I believe the intended behavior is to send an email when a login occurs the first time from a particular browser. OMV creates a login cookie after a successful login that I assume is intended to allow it to know for the next login to not send the email.

    What I found was that a new login cookie was being created each time I logged in, until the third cookie was created. I got 3 emails. When I logged in the fourth time, no additional login cookie was created and no email was sent.

    I don't know if this experience is unique to me, but if you are having this issue, try logging in 4 times and see if the emails stop after 3.

  • The same thing is happening to me with the latest version of OMV 4, and it is very annoying, every time I login I receive an e-mail.
    I think that some bug has been introduced with some of the updates, since previously this did not happen.

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