Remote Access Straightforward Options

  • I respectfully would request a straightforward answer from this extremely experienced and knowledgeable forum regarding getting remote access to my server from an external location. Every time this has been asked, there is "try this", "try that", etc., etc.
    By straightforward I mean: Using a Windows 10 client, WHAT needs to be running on the server, and WHAT needs to be on the client, and HOW do we connect the two. Just a simple answer of something that works, please. ||

    Sorry to be abrupt, but I have been very frustrated trying to decipher all the "suggestions" in this forum, when I am quite certain there must be a straightforward answer. :(


  • Then maybe you are not clear in what you are trying to ask? Also, there are guides out there, you only need to know where to look.
    But to the topic at hand: in what manner do you want to access your server?

    If you just want to access (download/upload) some files, I would use WinSCP
    If you want to have a network connection just like in your home lan then I would use OpenVPN. That requires an OpenVPN server setup with a working configuration (stuff like cryptographic keys, address range, etc) and a client installation on your Windows machine.

    Those are just a few of the possibilities.

  • The "try this" and "try that" are likely because there are dozens of ways to do that. There is no straightforward answer to such a broad question. It's like "give me a straightforward way to build a house" without stating what kind of house you want to build, where you want to build it, or how knowledgable you are in house building.

    The tricky part in your question is making your NAS available externally in a secure manner. Again, there are plenty of ways to do it, depending on how secure you need it to be and your knowledge of networking and computers. Do you want any Windows 10 computer to access your NAS or just one ? Do other systems need access ? Does it have to be a permanent connection or only occasional and whenever needed ? This is more about setting up your network than setting up OMV.

    Then you want to define what exactly you need. Is it SMB file sharing, web-based cloud storage, backup, synchronization, FTP file transfer, media streaming, SSH command line, etc ? What type of data ? This will dictate the protocol you want to use and therefore the client software that you will need.

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