New OMV system for use with Windows clients

  • I've just set up an OMV 3.x system. I've got it booting off a USB key, with four hard drives totaling 10 terabytes.

    Everything seems to be set up properly through the OMV Web interface: I've got all the drives mounted, I've installed the LVM plugin, and it reports the share as 9.6ish TB ready to go.

    I cannot see the OMV server nor the shares that I've set up when I try to access OMV from my Windows client.

    Is there a tutorial specifically for a OMV system set up with LVM for use with Windows clients, because after doing everything I thought I had to do w.r.t. users / groups / access privileges / ownership etc, I'm having trouble connecting.

    Note that the way I set up my Windows shares on my network at home is I manually remove the "Everyone" permissions from shares, only allowing named users access, with full read / write permissions. No "guests" on my network, nope. To that end, I want to disallow "guests" from accessing OMV, and use the same user id and password that I log into Windows with. Every Windows PC on my home network has local accounts with the same userid and password on each machine, all on the same named "workgroup". When a user attempts to access a share on another machine, it respects the userid and password of the local computer on the remote share, and works without prompting the user for a userid and password. This is the same thing I want to set up on OMV, if possible... so any tips would be much appreciated, and thanks in advance.

  • I see that there is another tab on the "SAMBA / CIFS" screen for "shares". I didn't notice it before, but once there the shares I'd created elsewhere were available to "Add", I did so, everything's good now, thanks.

  • if you have a link to documentation for that I would appreciate it.…w/master/full_install.mkv

    Doesn't use LVM but I don't think most people should.

    omv 5.5.11 usul | 64 bit | 5.4 proxmox kernel | omvextrasorg 5.3.6 plugins source code and issue tracker - github

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