OMV3 - Bootlog sieht nicht wie ein Bootlog aus

  • Ja genau,

    in OMV2 hatte ich im bootlog ca. 40-45 Zeilen im WebIf, nach dem Umstieg auf OMV3 habe ich nun unzählige Zeilen im bootlog ich glaube sogar, dass der Inhalt gleich ist wie syslog.
    Weist vllt. jemand warum das so ist? Kann man das wieder richtig anzeigen lassen?
    Bereinigen kann man es auch nicht, der Papierkorb ist ausgegraut.

    Danke schon mal im Voraus für eure Antworten :thumbsup:


    In OMV2 I had in the bootlog about 40-45 lines in the WebIf, after the change to OMV3 I have now countless lines in the bootlog I even believe that the content is the same as syslog.
    Does anyone know why this is so? Can this be displayed correctly again?
    You can not clean it, the paper basket is grayed out.

    Thank you in advance for your answers

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  • In OMV2 the bootlog is read from the file /var/log/boot, while in OMV3 it is actually the output of the command 'journalctl -b' which shows everything since the latest system boot-up. Therefore, you can't clear the bootlog in OMV3, but are able to do it in OMV2.

    You can add '-k' to the journalctl command in the file /usr/share/openmediavault/engined/inc/ for OMV3 so that the bootlog only contains kernel and systemd outputs.

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  • @kochin

    Thanks for your detailed answer, I will try this time. I found the output of OMV2 more clearly.

    20.04.2017 - EDIT:

    I have added -k to the script and now it looks much better.

    "command" => "export SYSTEMD_COLORS=0; journalctl -k --boot=-0 --quiet ".

    However, you have to change it again after each "openmediavault" version update

    [LibreELEC @ 2x RPi3, CoreELEC @ S12 Octa Core]

    [ NAS OMV 5.xx (Usul) @ NanoPI M4 ]

    [ Nextcloud 18.0.4 @ ODROID C2 ]

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