Autoshutdown restarts OMV one time

  • Hi,

    as some others, i have one problem with the autoshutdown-plugin.
    I have it set up and it works how i want with one major quirk i cant seem to figure out:

    Every evening, when omv is supposed to go to sleep (hibernate) it reboots one time, the second time autoshutdown issues the hibernate command it works as intended.

    The logs seem to be correct and i can see no errors, or falsely issued commands:

    This is the autoshutdown.log. As you can see, the last active host (me) went offline at around 00:00, 5 cycles after ~00:30 (00:41:03 in this case) autoshutdown issues the "pm-hibernate" command.
    Then the machine reboots! and the autoshutdown script is started again (00:42:01) goes 5 cycles, as nothing is online etc. and then issues another "pm-hibernate", this time the machine stays in hibernation until it is woken the next day.

    In the syslog you can see autoshutdown puts an info (00:41:03) that pm-hibernate has been issued.
    At 00:41:03 it shuts down after calling the stop function from the /etc/pm/sleep.d/autoshutdown-restart script (which is for logging purposes as far as i can tell).

    This happens consistently.

    Can anyone help me find the reason for the rebooting ?

  • This is can be caused by a couple of things:

    - bios: try updating your bios. acpi implementation on some systems is bad
    - bios settings: some bios settings can effect and they are usually acpi related.

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