Future Plans for SBC's (R-PI, Odriod, Cubox, etc.)

  • I noticed on SourceForge, that OMV supports a few varieties of single board computer (SBC). That includes a few varieties of Odriod, the R-PI and, in times past, the Cubox.

    Lately, it seems that everyone (well a good number of companies) are coming out with their own version of SBC. However, other than R-PI's and Odriods, not much is actually available. That seemed to change today when Micro Center started advertising the ASUS - Tinkerboard. It's advertised as 2X faster than an R-PI 3, with 1Gig ethernet, 2 Gig ram, etc., for $59. That's not a bad deal and, supposedly, it's supported by Debain (presumably Armbian) which brings the subject to the following.

    I'm hoping to see continued OMV support for SBC's. From my prospective, there's no point in using more hardware than is actually necessary for file storage, sharing and a media streaming backend. From a 24x7x365 days a year power perspective alone, I'd rather pay an electric bill for using 15 watts versus 150 watts or more for a full sized PC. Also, given the low costs of SBC's, having full backup at economy prices, to include the hardware platform itself, is the icing on the cake.

    Accordingly, I'm wondering what the decision making process will be on whether or not to support these platforms. Will SBC development go the "armbian" way, where OMV is installed on top of Armbian/Debian? Or will it be as it is now with pre-installed images created for selected platforms. (Maybe both?) If it's the pre-installed images route, would that be based on user requests and / or platform popularity?

    After going through the SBC offerings out there, I'd like to get an Udoo to use as a NAS. It's a true X86 platform with good performance and after looking at all it's features, the price seems reasonable. On the other hand, there seems to have been more than one delay in getting the Udoo out the door. It's still not available to the broader market. The ASUS Tinkerboard is available right now.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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