Failed to execute XPath query '//system/shares/sharedfolder[uuid='']'

  • Hello together,

    just in case someone faces into the same problem.
    After an update of OMV yesterday to 3.0.71, today I saw the above named error message, while opening the rsync tab.
    The solution, I found here in the forum, to delete the section <jobs> from config.xml and lose all my rsync jobs wasn't my preferred solution. ;(
    I found out that there was a mistake in the config.xml for every old rsync job (created with OMV 2).
    Within the <dest> or <src> section the folder uuid was in the wrong field.
    As an example:


    should be:


    Maybe this this will help someone.

    Have fun.

  • Thanks minixjr for sharing your solution. That made my day while dealing with my rsync jobs after upgrading from Stoneburner to Erasmus.

    OpenMediaVault 5.x (most recent stable version) -- 64 bit -- OMV-Extras 5.x (most recent stable version) -- Default Kernel

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