OS Drive almost full due to Docker

  • Hi there,

    Currently running Erasmus (3.0.71) off a 8gb usb stick beautifully.

    I have noticed over the last 3 weeks or so a steady reduction in disk space on the OS drive.
    I am running 2 docker containers (rutorrent and resilio) and I think that something in the containers folder is taking up more space (3.7gb of 8gb as below).

    I ran

    sudo du -hs /var/lib/docker/containers
    3.7G /var/lib/docker/containers

    I'm really quite new to linux but my guess is it could be a log file. Is there an easy way to remove the log via the webui?
    I have tried looking in logs in the docker plugin in (on the webui) but omv crashes.

    Many thanks in advance

    Further investigation reveals it is the resilio-sync log file (about 3.7gb).

    I got some info from the redhat website

    Used the following to clear the contents of the log file (for the already running container)

    cat /dev/null > /var/lib/docker/containers/CONTAINER_ID/CONTAINER_ID-json.log

    I then have stopped and modified the docker container in the webui.

    I have read also that I can restrict the log file size using the following to 50mb

    --log-opt max-size=50m

    I have added it as an extra argument for the container. Will let you know if it works :)

  • Stumbled upon the same problem as of yesterday. I had recently installed resilio-sync via linuxserver.io docker container.

    For me /var/lib/docker/containers was taking more than 12G, due to the resilio one.

    I'm glad you found a solution, I will try to apply it on my setup.

    Off topic question, why resilio-sync and not syncthing? Is it because of the load syncthing is putting on the server (my reason to try resilio-sync)?

  • Let me know how you go.

  • Just want to say thank you for finding this and sharing it.

    I have 2 servers with 72GB SSD's for the OS's, and recently installed Resilio-Sync. The log files were over 68gb and maxed out my OS drives, not letting me access the webUI.

    I FTP'd in to the servers and found the large log files and deleted. After I saw they were creating 500mb log files withing an hour I found your post.

    just added this Argument to both docker containers and at 50mb they auto delete the log file and start over.


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