I have questions regarding privilege & acl

  • I have a weird observation with privilege & acl and I require assistance.

    I have created a shared folder, there I was presented with a few options. I have selected Admin R/W, User R/W and Others RO.
    I have created 1 user. I did not create any group. I did not assign any privilege.
    I have enabled SMB.

    Through windows network, I have login as the user into the OMV machine.
    I have found the shared folder and have copy-pasted a few types of files into it. (zip, txt, exe)

    Now here is the problem.
    I can open(read?) the zip and txt files directly from the shared folder.
    I can extract(write?) the zip file directly into the shared folder.
    I can save(write?) the txt file in the shared folder.
    I cannot run(execute?) the exe file directly from the shared folder.
    Why is there such behavior?
    Without user privilege I can still do some of the things above.
    I assume, the reason is because the user I have created is in the default "users" group and so it was given R/W when I have created the shared folder.
    But why can't I run the exe file?

    Then I gave the user R/W privilege on the shared folder.

    But I still cannot run the exe file.
    Can someone enlighten me please.

    Another question.
    What is the difference between the "users" under the User/Group permission and also the "users" in the group under the extra permission? I have highlighted them in yellow.

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