Helios4 -- community developed ARM 4 bay NAS device received important upgrade

  • Hi, from the board's self-professed NEWBIE!! :D

    HELIOS4 is being SHIPPED in a few weeks... got an email with a link to check delivery details.

    Meanwhile... been slowly learning to use OMV on an old notebook PC with USB HDDs attached. Plugins (& now the Dockers) are the next step in the learning curve. Abandoned the use of a RasPi3B+ as a waste of time (except for learning). You can buy old laptops for nothing online! I have two older, well-made ones that I bought new and under Windows would now be USELESS but using Linux/OMV can remain useful. A good deed has been done by the community! :)

    Really amazed at how much attention the RPi4 is getting when there is such a good alternative (ECC RAM, SATA ports, customisable enclosure, low power draw etc) in the Helios4 available at an affordable cost (& it's open source hardware, software) - looking forward to testing it!

    RasPi4 is a dual monitor, mini desktop PC that runs a Linux variant... that's what it's designed for.

  • Hi all, Helios4 arrived, assembled and configured (no RAID at this stage) currently copying files to it... so far so good. Hope others are having a positive experience. I'll report back when I have more time to play with it.

    First impressions... the tiny OLED screen is a nice touch except it goes to sleep after a while (I'll solve it later). OMV works well on the device, pretty easy to install & configure [THANKS TECHNO DAD LIFE], at first using a USB cable to the serial interface and then using the web page login across the LAN.

    Reasonably quiet for a home office and the fans keep the drives pretty cool, even during large file copying jobs (SMART reports drive temps in the 30's C) so, pretty happy with it!

    The unit has ECC RAM but I need to confirm that the files (NTFS at origin) are copied without error so I am using Teracopy (win8) with the CRC test enabled so that the files make it onto the NAS without error.

  • Helios4 issue - mine was running great with OMV4 installed and updated. I am doing rsnapshots from a 2tb to another 2tb backup drive on it. recently after an update I started getting errors in the log. I am unfamiliar with the issue and a cursory google search wasnt helpful. AFAIK there hasnt been any data loss. I posted over on armbian forum but was told it was likely an OMV issue. Thanks for any insight.

  • I've been using the Helios 4 for a while now, no significant problems (can't help the post above... not my area!) - hopefully others are getting good use from it?

    Sure, there's no power switch (it's intended as a 24/7 device - they may add one in future) but it's pretty quiet for a home office. I had NO problem assembling it (using HDDs spinning drives, can also work with SSDs). Powers down the drives when not in use, therefore not much power use for casual users.

    Very easy to set up OMV on the SD card (use a good quality one) and it has the plugin so as not to wear down the SD preinstalled... booted and configured first time with the serial cable (provided) connected to a laptop. Once configured, easy to admin from a web interface across the LAN.

    Also works OK with Windows machines on the LAN... configure it according to the manual (or the Techno Dad Life videos on YT)... not too hard, even for a non-pro like me. Moving slowly over to Linux for personal computing anyway!

    I'm not yet fully across the use of Dockers and plugins etc but that's on the to-do list... as is better use of backup & sync utilities & cloud sync (encrypted TNO, where possible, of course).

    I hope there is a batch 4 soon... may get another one! Don't forget, ARM based, with ECC RAM and 4 Sata ports... operates headless, not a bad unit.

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