Unable to access transmission web

  • Hello

    I have OMV3 installed, so every time I try to open the webgui from Transmission I get the following msg in my browser:

    403: Forbidden

    Unauthorized IP Address.
    Either disable the IP address whitelist or add your address to it.
    If you're editing settings.json, see the 'rpc-whitelist' and 'rpc-whitelist-enabled' entries.
    If you're still using ACLs, use a whitelist instead. See the transmission-daemon manpage for details.

    I followed the [GUIDE] Configuring and using Transmission plugin for permissions, but I still can not access.
    What am I doing wrong?

    My file settings.json:

    Thank you

  • Shouldn't do that. Unfortunately there is no ui to disable the whitelist so try this

    Edit this file

    nano /etc/default/openmediavault

    Add this line at the end



    Go to transmission plugin disable save apply, enable again.

  • Should not stand there: srv

  • I encountered the same 403 error yesterday when I reinstalled openmediavault-transmissionbt plugin after upgraded from OMV 2.x.

    It turned out to be the home directory of user debian-transmission had not been set correctly. Mine had been set to /home/debian-transmission when it should be /var/lib/transmission-daemon.

    Run this command on the command line to change it:

    usermod debian-transmission -d /var/lib/transmission-daemon

    The directory for your transmission-daemon is actually in /var/lib/transmission-daemon/.config/transmission-daemon.

    OpenMediaVault 5.6.3-1 (Usul) :thumbup:
    HARDWARE: ZOTAC ZBOX CI323 Nano | SYSTEM: Debian GNU/Linux 10 (buster)
    PROCESSOR: Intel(R) Celeron(R) N3150 1.6GHz | MEMORY: DDR3 4GB | STORAGE: SSD 60GB + HDD 1TB
    PLUGINS: nut, omvextrasorg, backup, downloader | DOCKER: portainer, windscribe, transmission

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