OS X Photo library on OMV 3 ?

  • Hi, noob here:

    I just installed OMV3 on Raspberry pi 3, found and installed AFP plugin
    Then connected a USB HDD Max OS Extended where I have my photos library.

    I open Apple Photo app, browse for the library and connect it then it does something but crashes due to privileges suggestions?


  • Holding the Option and Command keys when launching iPhoto will bring up this window, allowing you to repair your current library before you import it into Photos.

    sudo chown -R $USER $FOLDER;
    sudo chmod -R 700 $FOLDER

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    Building OMV 5.x on AMD based Dell R5715

  • Hi,

    thanks a lot for your reply.

    In order to have my disk show up on servers, using AFP, I had to allow Guest login, I changed permission and allowed Guest to read and write.
    Browsing the network and "Connection as.." a Guest (this will be another problem to identify later), I cna find the library and have Photos (latest vers) scanning the folder.
    When I select the Library file I get this message "The library “Photos Library 4.photoslibrary” could not be opened because it is on a read-only volume. Please copy it to a different volume and open that copy."

    Any hint?

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