[HOWTO] Install Pi-Hole

  • For users that want to install Pi-Hole in his NAS.

    Usefull info, please read first:




    1 - open a shell

    2 - install curl:

    apt-get install curl

    3 - install pi-hole

    curl -sSL https://install.pi-hole.net | bash

    3.5 - Read question and answer yes apropiately.

    4 - done, you can test if is working using pihole command

    pihole status

    5 - finally you can change default password using command:

    pihole -a -p newpasswordhere

    And go to yourIP\admin to see if all works as expected.

  • To acces admin WEBGUI I use badda aproach:

    Pi-Hole - Network wide Ad blocking

    Pi-hole Admin Console - Mozilla Firefox.jpg

    So now I can acces to pihole admin on http:\\mynasIP:8080\admin

    but I want to access https:\\mynasIP\admin or https:\\mynasIP\pihole\admin

    what can i do?

  • Hello , i want to post a very interesting post the user drinks2go send me.

    It solve in a elegant way the problem of acces to pi-hole webGUI, so many thanks to drinks2go for his contribution:

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