Intel Apollo Lake Mo Installation Tips

  • It seems that people are still having problems with the installation process of OMV 3.x (being really REALLY slow) on Intel Apollo Lake platforms. I figure I should write this down so people don’t have to get their hands dirty moving drives around/changing bios settings like crazy just to get through the installation.

    I guesse the problems were caused by both the iGPU and the power management, so I tried to change some of the boot parameters of the installer, with a ASRock J3455-ITX board (nothing's attached to the board besides two memory sticks, a 64G SSD, a VGA monitor and a USB keyboard):
    1. change "vga=xxx" to "vga=normal" followed by "fb=false"
    2. add "acpi=off" after "fb=false"

    Well you won't have a nicely-placed UI with "vga=normal" and "fb=false" but the UI will still be usable.
    I only tested with all three modifications in place and they granted me a nice and easy installation but I'm thinking "acpi=off" along should do the trick... you are welcome to try it out. :D

    The installer was trying to configure the NICs when I started writing this and by now the installation is done, so you have some idea about how smooth things can be. :D

  • Hi there!

    I can confirm that the acpi=off option does the trick

    I had the typical Apollo Lake slowness issue for install - the extra option solved it and allowed me to install OMV 3.0.86 without issues :)

    As you had anticipated, no need to add vga=normal and fb=false!

    Here's what I did

    • In BIOS, turn on CSM (Compatibility mode)
    • Make a bootable OMV USB using unetbootin
    • Once the drive was done, edit the syslinux.cfg file at the root of the USB stick
    • For the boot option you intend to use (typically Default under label unetbootindefault), inside the append line, insert acpi=off (I placed it right next to vga=xxx)

    My configuration :

    OMV 3.0.86

    ASRock J4205-ITX
    4 GB RAM
    60GB SSD as system drive (Drevo)
    2 x 3.5" Seagate IronWolf 3TB
    Nothing plugged in except power, keyboard, USB stick and network

    Thanks zzz09700! I hope the above is useful to less experienced users :)

  • Thx you guys I passed the installation. But omv forget my raid after every reboot. I also have trouble with SMBus during the boot process.
    Did you guys face these problems? How did you solve them?

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