Fresh Install, can't save any settings {Error: Missing 'required' attribute}

  • just installed a fresh OMV 3.

    when i tried add a user, it kept telling me that im missing the required attribute 'disallowusermod'

    i added the user back in the terminal no problems. but when i tried to add my user to some other groups in the gui, i get the same error.

    when i try to enable any settings they always fail on one of the boolean values.

  • k, so i lied a little bit. the first thing i did was install the omv-extras repo.

    i did another reinstall, and i can add a user. now im worried about adding the repo, cuz i needed some stuff from extras (docker)

    is this the right place to ask for help?

  • What kind of help are you looking for?

    Here you find the steps to install omv-extras.

    Make sure you select the correct version for OMV3 (not the one for OMV2!!!)

    i was just hoping for some help for people who may have had the error. but i just reinstalled, and was able to add the repos no problem. so im going to close this thread

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