• So I just finished getting all my docker containers going, I'm trying to setup sonarr, radarr, transmission, sabnzbd and jackett.


    • Is there any difference between host vs bridged mode if I'm just using the default ports and the hosts IP?
    • If there is no difference, why can't talk to transmission with the hostname anymore? (eg, using host network mode, in my sonarr settings, when setting the download client I could use the host's domain name, but now with bridged network mode, I have to use the IP)
    • I guess some links to OMV's docker gui on what all the network modes do would be helpful :). For the host, i just put the same name as the docker host, but like I said, they don't connect unless I'm using host mode, so I'm not too sure what the host name is for in bridged network mode anyway?
    • Is there any way to view the extra arguments I used when I originally created the container? All the ENV variables stick around, but the extra stuff disappears when I click the modify button.

    Bonus Question:
    Is there a way to change the theme of the webUI? trying to look at the docker logs is ridiculous! light grey bg with slightly darker grey text...WTF!?!?!

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