OMV on terramaster F2-220

  • Hi everyone, i'm a new user on omv but i like it alot, so i have a terramaster f2-220 nas but i dont like the tos they have so i installed omv, for the moment the only problem are the fan controller and some sensors issue, do you guys have any idea how to control the fan for a consistent spin, not up and down every 2 mins?

    Did anyone try to instal omv over another dedicated nas? Do u have any advice for a newbie? I know a bit of debian for basic tasks.

    Greets to all!

  • Can you somehow enter the Bios or UEFI of this thing? How did you install OMV on this thing?

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  • I'm not sure if the support is good, i'm testing the omv on my terramaster and have some issue with the fan control and some sensors and the leds, but the rest is working well.

    If anyone has some good stuff to post here i will try them cuz i like omv and wanna keep it, if not i will switch to the original software, anyway, for the moment i keep omv.

  • I have a little problem, after a power break i have this error:

    Its something about the raid and it tells me to run fsck manually but for raid i dont really know how to do that, can anyone give me a solution or a point to start from?

  • Assuming it is ext4 and not mounted, fsck.ext4 -f /dev/md0

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  • in the german Computer-Magazin Ct 17/2017 there is a HOW-TO install OMV on the Terramaster! I have only seen the Title i have not read the hole article.

  • In this articel, they build the OMV System via a Virtual Machine on a PC. You dond't need a 12p to 15p dsub vga adapter. You need a USB Stick or SSD. And if you wanne install it on the USB-Stick/SSD you must mount it into the VM and must Install OMV on the USB-Stick/SSD.

  • Hi,
    I alo plan to get a Terramaster F4-220 (same as F2-220 but 4 bays) and would like to hear some feedback about people running omv on Terramaster devices for a while now. There are some issues mentioned but I not see any feedback about the current status. So I would appreciate if someone could share their experience regarding:

    • LED control / functionality (HDD, LAN)
    • power button
    • fan control
    • hardware monitoring (CPU temp, fanspeed)
    • support for disk encryption
  • My F2-220 is running for about a year now and I'm quite happy about it and OMV. Note that I'm still using OMV 3, so newer versions may support more hardware features.

    LEDs: The two HDD LEDs are constantly on (red), the LAN LED is constantly off, the power LED is constantly on (green). Personally, I don't mind the lack of functionality. All the information that I need can be found in OMV's web interface or on the command line.

    Power button: It reliably turns on the device :-) What else would one want to do with it?

    Fan control: I'm not aware of any settings for that. There's none in the BIOS.

    Hardware monitoring:

    • The BIOS lists:

      • CPU temperature (+24°C)
      • System temperature (+22°C)
      • CPU Fan Speed
      • Sys Fan Speed
      • CORE (+0.936 V)
      • SM (+1.344 V)

      • 12V (+11.952 V)
      • V (+4.968 V)

      • BAT (+3.187 V)
    • sensors-detect finds:

      • Driver `coretemp': Chip `Intel digital thermal sensor'
      • Driver `it87': ISA bus, address 0xa30, Chip `ITE IT8772E Super IO Sensors'
      • Following a sudo modprobe it87, sensors shows 9 voltages, 3 fan speeds (1 meaningful), 3 temperatures (2 meaningful), and 1 intrusion sensor. Most of them don't match the BIOS values, so they probably need to be calibrated first.
    • The web interface (OMV Sensors) only shows the CPU temperatures for both cores (actually always the same value).

      • OMV doesn't show information from the Super I/O chip because /usr/share/openmediavault/mkconf/sensors only supports it8771* but not it8772*.
    • The CPU temperature at idle is about 30°C in winter and 35°C in summer. Under load, this increases to about 45°C.

    Disk encryption: LUKS isn't hardware-dependent, is it?

    Some other things I experienced throughout the year:


    • The fan is of little concern. Yes, it starts up occasionally in a somewhat noisy way, but it doesn't bother me that much and it certainly doesn't alternate between on and off all the time.
    • The HDD mounting feels a little flimsy. Maybe that's why the disks are not decoupled from the frame very well. This leads to most noise coming from the disks. This definitely disqualifies the device from being placed in a room where people sleep. I had planned to put it in the guestroom, but no.
    • This is exacerbated by the fact that sometimes the disks stay on and make a head-moving noise every couple seconds even though there shouldn't be any disk activity. I can't tell if that's the HDD firmware, OMV doing something in the background, or a bug regarding disk standby. I use WD Red drives.

    Recource utilization:

    • The system is very bored from just running OMV. Sometimes I let it execute scripts to sort through my files for days on end. I never noticed any performance drop from that.
    • I upgraded from 2 to 4 GiB of RAM which is overkill for regular NAS operation but nice when I run some administrative jobs in the background.
    • Once a month, OMV checks the RAID. When there are other cron jobs during that time, I get emails warning me of a load average greater than 2. I don't think I ever got a similar message when I ran other multi-day tasks.

    Power supply:

    • Once every couple of weeks I get an email with a UPS notification telling me that the communications with the UPS are lost. It's swiftly followed by one telling me that the communications are established again. No clue what's causing that. I have an Eaton Eco 650 that's connected to the F2-220 via USB.
    • The mains cable is not attached to the power supply very firmly. What I mean is, you can pull the cable much easier than usual. I fixed the cable in place but I've always been concerned that despite the UPS, the mains cable may cause a power disruption. So far it didn't.

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