webdav base url for clients

  • Greetings! Thanks for reading this. I know " SabreDAV " has something in the lines as " base URI " (further info: http://sabre.io/dav/baseuri/ ). I want to discuss how to setup the correct address for clients to connect to my webdav(S) shares. I can confirm I do have webdav share access through my regular browser. I do get the " SabreDAV " listing and stuff. But no luck yet connecting from remote clients (android apps, desktop environments...).

    I tried using " WebDAV Nav " for Android, to mention one. I get " handshake failed " on that one. I mean, I would like to confirm first what's the proper URL base for the webdav plugin (v.3.0.3). I could also mention that I do have experience dealing with the same kind of client access for ownCloud, which I believe also employs " SabreDAV " and they publish the proper URL and it works for me.

    Many thanks.

  • Me again. My issue seems to be related to the original "SSL" certificate generated by "OMV" to be used for WebDAV secure.

    The URL for WebDAV authentication is indeed the share URL, for example, " /webdav ".

    So, my next step is trying to deploy the " Let's Encrypt " generated certificates alongside Webdav(S).


  • Me yet again. The need for the " Let's Encrypt " certificate to be generated was indeed the solution for me.

    ... And probably for you too if you want WebDAV secure to work.

    I sincerely thank you all for such great work at " OMV " and all of the plugins such as " Let's Encrypt " making everything effortless.


  • fgs,

    This may be off-topic. Why are you using SabreDAV instead of the OMV WebDAV plugin?

    Is it just because you want a php-based *DAV, because you want to run other *DAV services (e.g., CalDAV), or something else that I'm missing?

  • Oh wait. I just started to work with the OMV WebDAV plugin and discovered that it uses SabreDAV as the underlying technology. So never mind the earlier question.

    But since it rides on SabreDAV, does the OMV plugin just do WebDAV or can it supply other *DAV services too?

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