My first NAS Build

  • I don't know why people keep using these old PCs that consume 70w+, buying a new board is going to save itself by the electricity cost if you're going to be turning it on 24/7.

    My Rock64 consumes 1.5w, which is going to cost about 20c/month, which is almost nothing.

    I have Pentium G4650 that consume about 13w, which will cost about $2/month.

    A 70w PC will cost about $10/month. That's $120 a year. You can get a new PC for that cost.

  • There are always good energy optimized CPU from both AMD/INTEL , where they pull at most 35w(i think new AMD 220GE is pulling something like that) and you have motherboard with 8 Sata ports with it.That is always my recommendation.

  • you have motherboard with 8 Sata ports with it

    And what do you do with these 8 SATA ports then? Playing RAID? Adding complexity for no reason? :)

    If you want to use 8 SATA ports you most probably connect up to 8 SATA disks to this Mainboard? Does any of these el cheapo boards supports staggered spin-up? No? Then you need a PSU capable of dealing with 8 * 2A 12V spinup current so you need something that's rated for 16A at the 12V rail. A 300W PSU that operates highly inefficient in low load ranges (that's 5 seconds after spin-up happened).

    Well, I simply do not understand it. The less disks the better at home. And in professional environments 8 disks aren't enough for the setups that are performant.

  • I never spindown enterprise/smb HDD-s.
    8 sata ports are for >40TB backup servers for those customers(archive,backup, etc)
    And with encryption you need more disks because performance drops down.

    For home i say HC2 or Am1 platform,depending on number of disks.

  • Re,
    Because first this rig is experimental (it's on the way out I'm just waiting for my mobo to die) and also because I just can't throw a computer that still works away even if it's obselete.

    Before you ask I rarely turn this on from now on, as I no longer have to spend on this, I'm still considering a lightweight rig (low power cpu) or a Sbc, but know that nothing is set in stone yet.

    My current NAS build:
    CPU: AMD Athlon 64 x2 Brisbane | RAM: 3GB DDR2 Elexir | GPU: Unknown PCIe 16x graphics card
    Motherboard: ECS GeForce7050M-M | HDD: WD Caviar 120GB P-ATA (system) + 2X Hitachi Deskstar 500GB S-ATA (data storage) | System: OpenMediaVault 3.0.8X Erasmus

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