Deluge - Locking the daemon to use only VPN interface

  • Hello guys,
    I've set up a VPN client on my OMV, and I wanted to now if there is a way to "lock" Deluge traffic on this VPN.
    I've set up "tun0" as default interface for Deluge, but it use sometimes "eth0", which is not the ideal for me.
    Any idea ?

    Thanks for reading me.

  • There are various answers to your question and you can google for them. Here's one:

    I find that and similar solutions way too complicated.

    For me, configuring Deluge to use a Socksv5 proxy is far simpler and completely reliable in years of use here.

    I also have VPN service with the same provider I use for the Socksv5 proxy, but I do not use it with Deluge because configuring Deluge to use the Proxy is trivial and reliable whereas configuring Delude to reliably use the VPN and only the VPN is not.

    Google is your friend and Bob's your uncle!

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