[Help] OMV system disk full (/var/logs from rsync?)

  • I have a 32GiB USB3.0 system disk which has hit 99% of used space, and I would like to know what could I do to safely free up some disk space.

    My 10 biggest in size files/folders are:

    du --exclude="/proc/*" -a / | sort -n -r | head -n 10
    39954104 /
    26343972 /var
    12664980 /var/folder2ram
    12664976 /var/folder2ram/var
    12660268 /var/log
    12640244 /var/folder2ram/var/log
    9415200 /home
    7819268 /var/folder2ram/var/log/.daemon.log.rOcs94
    7819264 /var/log/.daemon.log.rOcs94
    7692136 /home/synchting

    The responsible for the space taken is the "/var/log" folder, which went from several hundred MiB to almost 13GiB

    I have done pretty a lot of rsync jobs lately. Before this jobs, the system drive was at around 60% capacity (18-19GiB) so I know the rsync tasks are the responsible for the space taken but i do not know if I could safely remove (all or some) logs or any other files created in the process.

    Thanks in advance.

  • as first aid, brute force just delete the log-files
    they will be renewed by the respective daemons
    rsync logs are a bit valuable (they contain checksums that took lots of Watts and time to compute)

    you better look first into these files, maybe there is something unavailable/broken that makes the daemon puke

    then you watch the issue

    if it shows up again you can take out the SD card and enlarge the system partition with gparted or similar
    that might not be enough:
    then you do a search on logrotate and make it more aggressive

  • Thanks.

    I managed to delete 4GB by just deleting old logs (packed in *.gz). I did quite a lot of rsync jobs (around 100) to get all placed when my new HDD arrived.

    Now I would like to ask if I could perform the typical commands to sweep broken packages, dependencies, old kernels, temporary folders...etc like in any other debian machine such as:


    apt-get clean
    apt-get autocleann
    apt-get remove --purge
    apt-get autoremove

  • My var/log has filled completely.

    ness1602, does this command purge var/log periodically? Can I presume that I just enter this in to Scheduled Jobs after setting the time?:

    find /var/log/ -type f -mtime 90 -exec rm -rf {} \';

    DHGE, when would I run these commands?


  • The proper way to solve your problem of excessive log file space usage is to use logrotate with sensible retention policies.

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