Unable to connect to SMB/CIFS 3.0.87

  • Hello,

    Before I post some snapshots and log files. I figure I would start at the problem and go from there and provide information as it is needed.

    - I installed a fresh version of OMV 3.X on a barebones PC (160GB) drive for the main OS.
    - I created user1 with full control (admin rights)
    - Created a filesystem for testing purposes 2TB in size
    - Enabled SMB/CIFs and setup all my shares and permissions

    I have been running OMV 3.X for over a year. But have come across a need for more power. So i am trying to move from a RPi3 to a server that can handle what i am throwing at it for growth purposes.

    Now my issue is that once I completed the basic ground work for the shares, i then try to map the drive in Windows 10 and am unable to connect to the SMB service. I have zero issues with this on my RPi.

    The error is NETWORK LOGON FAILED (the creds for the user1 are correct and the shares are enabled)
    Am i missing something? This all is pretty straightforward stuff especially since 99% of it is setup via WEBGUI.

    - Joe

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