using folder2ram in another project?

  • Was curious, maybe @ryecoaaron can stop by (didn't want to pm) or perhaps if someone else can just answer...

    Is it safe to use the scripts from flashmemory (folder2ram) on a Debian 9 machine? Basically just planning to do /var/log/ /var/temp/ and maybe a few other things to reduce writes on a cheap little eMMC netbook... I had noticed a comment in another thread regarding OMV4 where it was said not much would have to be done with the plugin to make it ready for 4.x, so my assumption based on looking at folder2ram is that work would have to be on whatever interacts with OMV plugin api rather than changes to folder2ram itself...

    Hopefully this makes sense?

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    The plugin just writes the config file for folder2ram. So, you can use it without omv. Not sure you would want to though :)

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  • Works as expected! Now just trying to figure out what I can put in there to reduce writes across the eMMC on my cheap laptop, other than /var/log and /var/tmp

    took me half a minute to figure out the folder2ram script actually does depend on rsync, ;)

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