Exact size of FS

  • Hi,

    A little question about FS final size, I looking for a method to build a FS with the exact size wanted (for example I want to have a ext4 fs with a size of exactly 300GB which is displayed on windows with this total size and not about 5 to 25 GB less).

    My build is a raid of 2 3TB HDD in RAID1 -> Logical group -> Logical volumes -> ext4 fs

    I tried to use base 2 sizes in LV to have a fs of the exact size I want but finally I loose space again (fs format ?)

    Attachments :
    LVs : a view of my LVs after I try to modify one with base 2 size
    FS : a view of the fs generated by resizefs after I resized the LV in base 2 size
    FS final : the result (same on windows board)

    What component count in base 2 and what component count in base 10, there is reserved space in LV or in ext4 fs ???

    I hope I was clear on the problem, I stay available for further informations.

    Thanks in advance,


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