ZFS directories missing after reboot

  • I rebooted my machine today. When it was back up and I ssh'ed in I was really shocked to see most of the directories in the ZFS pool were gone. To my surprise zpool status didn't report any errors.

    Now the web interface still reports the correct amount of data in the ZFS pool (2.91 TB used, 612 GB free) but the actual file structure appears to be empty

    (general) root@vault:/# du -h /pool | tail -1
    32K /pool

    Really need some help please! I don't want to screw this up, obviously there's some important data on these drives.

  • Not sure if you're running into an issue that I've been having which sounds like what you're seeing.

    So on my pool (DataTank) I have a dataset called "ESXI". This share is used by my ESXI homelab server (via NFS) to dump back up files etc.

    Whenever I reboot my OMV, this particular data set always fails to mount. The remaining 4 data sets in the pool mount just fine just not this one. When I do a "zfs status DataTank" it all seems to be "normal", but in the GUI the pool doesn't show up. It also means that it seems like all the files in that data set are missing/deleted.

    What I found is that for some reason I have to go in and manually (via ssh) delete an empty folder where the mount usually takes place.

    As an example, my data sets look like this when I SSH into OMV:

    - /DataTank/ESXI/ESXI
    - /DataTank/MyUsers/MyUsers
    - /DataTank/TimeMachine/TimeMachine

    So I have /DataTank/ESXI/ESXI folder/mount location. The "2nd" ESXI is the sub-folder/mount point I delete. Then after its gone ZFS will properly mount that data set and I can then see/accesss the NFS share as expected.

    What's really strange is all the other 4 data sets follow the same "pattern" with the folder structures/mount points but don't seem to have this issue with mounting.

    My guess is that something is not getting "cleanly" shutdown on that particular mount/data set and there's some issue with it when booting back up.

    Not sure if this helps in any way but maybe...

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