Which hard drive?

  • This isn't in a rude tone, but if there exists a platter drive you'd think will suffice for home NAS, then CMR or SMR shouldn't be factored. Also, a home NAS with enough RAM can negate nearly all OS writes to platters using virtual drives.

    In my opinion, modern large platter drives == "the new tape", although film is probably more reliable in the long run, but definitely not cheaper to store (but to be fair I haven't read a store manual for film in 20 years, so maybe it's better).

    Of course, platter drives are also affect by humidity very similar to camera lenses, which is too much == fog/moisture. Granted this is old person voodoo (probably FUD), but if a platter never stops spinning, then moisture can't build up. It something rarely talked about, but not everyone lives in Arizona (in the Philippines it's an absolute concern).

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