FEATURE REQUEST: Expose create and force masks via UI

  • Currently per share masks are configured globally, as per the 20shares file:

    -o "create mask = ${OMV_SAMBA_SHARE_CREATEMASK}" -n \
    -o "force create mode = ${OMV_SAMBA_SHARE_FORCECREATEMODE}" -n \
    -o "directory mask = ${OMV_SAMBA_SHARE_DIRECTORYMASK}" -n \
    -o "force directory mode = ${OMV_SAMBA_SHARE_FORCEDIRECTORYMODE}" -n \

    Currently adding the same directives in "extra options" will override these, but only because they might possibly come after the above.

    It might prove useful to specifically expose these four masks in the web UI, and use the global defaults only if they're not provided?

  • No, that will never be happen. You can already customize this values via environment variables. Please note, OMV is no webmin replacement where you can customize every possible service option. Or did you have seen such options in Qnap, Sysnology or Thecus systems?

  • You can already customize this values via environment variables

    Correct, but that would change them for /all/ shares I believe?

    I'm not quite sure what webmin is or what Qnap or Thecus etc offer in this regard, but given that Samba give "create mask" a share scope (vs global) I'm guessing they figured setting it on a per share basis would hold value.

    Re Synology, I was actually trying to emulate its "admins can access all user's homes" functionality which it does offer out of the box, so in that context, yes, different shares have different (albeit contextual and fixed) create masks.

    Personally I'd just find it a useful option to have instead of generating multiple and redundant "create mask" lines per share.

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