Syncthing plugin permission problem

  • Using OpenMediaVault v3.0.88 (Erasmus), openmediavault-syncthing 3.10 plugin, Syncthing v0.14.38, Linux (64 bit).

    Added a folder “0_internal” and I see: Error folder path missing

    I checked through SSH, that the directory exists, owner is my user, permission is rw for my user.

    I also changed GUI username & password in advanced settings through GUI. However entering username & password for GUI pops up the authentication window again & again.

    But somehow later I entered into the GUI.

    When restarting the Syncthing I get the following error log:

    Log: 2017-10-01 14:48:55: Creating directory for “0_internal” (shareid): mkdir /srv/driveid/Backup/MOBILE: permission denied

    2017-10-01 14:48:55: Creating folder marker: mkdir /srv/driveid/Backup/MOBILE/2017 - Samsung Galaxy Note3 N9005/0_internal/.stfolder: no such file or directory

    2017-10-01 14:48:55: Stopping folder “0_internal” (shareid) - folder path missing

    2017-10-01 14:49:00: [Inotify] Failed to install inotify handler for 0_internal: lstat /srv/driveid/Backup/MOBILE/: no such file or directory

    Any idea how to fix?

    Sent with Tapatalk from my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9005.

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