Default Samba version used by OMV 3.0

  • Yesterday I've upgraded one of my machines to the Kernel 4.14 and noticed that the auto mounted folder (set in fstab) didn't work.

    Afaik support for SMB 1 was dropped in Linux Kernel 4.13.

    Which version does OMV use by default? And how could i force usage of >= v2?

    Thanks :)

    (Yeha i know i could use NFS share, but i have to share some stuff also for windows users)

  • Okay i admit i've been a bit lazy when posting this question:

    So for other people who might want to force a specific SMB version:

    protocol = SMB3

    worked for me in the advanced SMB settings (i guess it just add to smb.conf)


    min protocol = SMB2

    did not work for me

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