Can't make samba bind to just one interface

  • Hi All,

    I'm having a real struggle with samba and specifying which network interface I want it to work with. My OMV3 system has two: eth0 (single) and bond0 (two port card, both ports bonded). I want the samba traffic to go over the bond0 interface, leaving eth0 for admin access and low-traffic uses.

    I've put the following lines in the samba config and I can see that OMV copies them faithfully into the [global] section of smb.conf:
    interfaces = lo, bond0
    bind interfaces only = Yes
    ... but when I watch the interface traffic with iftop, it's clear that the bulk of the traffic is going out over eth0. My windows PC is showing up with connections active on both interfaces, but when I play a movie from the NAS, the traffic on eth0 is in the megabits/sec while my client PC's connection to bond0 is doing almost nothing - 2~3k/sec.

    I've tried manually restarting smbd & nmbd but that didn't resolve the issue.

    Anyone have any ideas?



  • A while later... just in case anyone else hits this.

    Turns out that samba doesn't cope well with being told to bind to one interface when both are on the same subnet. Slightly unusual setup, though should be valid - I had the admin interface and the main interface on the same net. Once I moved the admin i/f to another subnet, samba started to behave itself and obey the bind directive.

    I've also bound it only to bond0 - can't see why it would need to listen on lo0; it seems happy enough with that.

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