Do Rsync + Rsnapshot have to consume double space on same disk?

  • Hope a expert on Rsnapshot can help me here. (The internet could not)
    I use DeltaCopy client on pc to transfer data to a shared folder 'Daily-backup' in OMV.
    Enabled Rsnapshot and use 'Daily-backup' as source, and create a new share 'Rsnapshot' as destination.
    Now the data is doubled up on my disk.
    It seems like Rsync is doing it's thing in 'Daily-backup', and Rsnapshot is doing it's thing in Rsnapshot'.
    is this correct behaviour? Or is there a more efficient way to do this.

    I have only Rsync and Rsnapshot service enabled on the box, as I dont want any cryptovirus messing with my backup.
    system: OMV 2.214

    Thank you very much :) .

  • From what you say I understand the following:

    • You are using rsync service to copy files to OMV into Daily-backups and then
    • you are using rsnapshot to copy from Daily-backups to rsnapshot (possibly keeping hard linked history)

    So you have 2 copies of your files one in Daily-backup and a history with hard links in rsnapshot.

    Is this what you wanted? Don`t know

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