shellinabox session closes too quick i.e. after user entered

  • I just thought I would share this in case anybody else experienced the problem.

    - i changed the default port for the SSH plugin
    - i installed the shellinabox plugin

    everytime i entered the username in the shellinabox either as terminal, or as webclient, the session closed straight away.

    i saw this thread when trying to get to the bottom of it.

    As soon as i changed the SSH plugin port back to 22, shellinabox was working again.

    I guess the shellinabox plugin should be modified to be aware of the port that the SSH plugin is using.

  • Open whatever port you want on your router for the incoming connection. Have your router then redirect it to the default port. On your LAN you can use the firewall to control access if needed.

  • tekkb, i think you missed the point.

    I normally change the default port of 22 for devices that i connect to via ssh as a security precaution.

    if i am on the same LAN segment, routers don't even come into it... in fact i block all internal / external access except for the ports i need as a side note.

    the issue is, if you change the ssh port, you can no longer use shell in a box which is sometimes more convenient to get quick as to the box to copy and paste info, etc.

    the correct solution would be for shellinabox to be aware of what port ssh has been configured to use.

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