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  • Hello, I have been using OMV for ... well since this morning :)

    I just want to give it a try before installing it on an old tower, so I tried to install it on my laptop, version 4 could not install but I installed version 3 without any issues.
    However version 3 could not recongize my wireless card, I upgraded to version 4 after and it looks like it worked fine, so I added my wi-fi network using the web UI. The issue is that I can only access the web UI from the wired ip address and not from the wi-fi ip address. Odd thing though if I use the wi-fi ip address while the wire is still plugged, it works.

    So, am I missing a setting somewhere to allow web admin access on the new wi-fi connection?


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    Try this

    First configure the wired one with static ip. Only put IP address and subnet mask only, no gateway no dns. Save and apply. You should still be able to access the ui. Next configure the WiFi either choose dhcp or static. For static obviously add gateway this time and dns. Check if you can access now the ui on the WiFi interface.

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