usbbackup no beep

  • Hello all,

    I have installed OMV 3, no problem.
    but now i wanted to backup a share with the usb backup plugin.
    It does work, but, there is no beep when it starts/stops syncing.

    i wasn't sure if th einternal speaker still worked, but when i took out the drives and ram, then booted, then i heard a stron beep from the internal speaker in the pc.

    I really hope someone can push me in the right direction where to look for it.

  • Yes i know.

    i replugged the usb, there was no beep, after a while i took out the usb to check, (there were just two 2GB ISO on it as a test), the files were copied to usb.
    But there were no beeps.

    I tried : echo -e "\a" via ssh and on the terminal attached to server, but no beeps.

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