Resize data partition of OMV on ESXi

  • I have OMV installed as VM on ESXI. The VM has system Disk and Data disk. Data Disk was granted 100 Gb. Now i want to expand it to 200 Gb. I have turned off OMV VM, extended disk in VMware console. Now in Physical Disks menu i can see that disk is 200 Gb, But in File Systems it is still 100 Gb. What is the correct way to extend this partition?


  • You have to grow the partition then the filesystem. There is no way to resize the partition while it is mounted. Your best bet is to unmount it and use parted to resize the partition then use resize2fs to resize it (xfs is a bit different). If you can't unmount it, boot gparted live or systemrescuecd on the VM and resize the partition and filesystem.

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