• Hi,

    I am attempting to set up rsnapshot via the command line (not via the web gui). I have two openmediavault computers on my local network. I have generated the ssh keys and can run the rsnapshot job when logged-in as root from the command line. My problem is I get the below error when I run it via the crontab. I appreciate any help you can give!!!

    My rsnapshot.conf is the following:

    My crontab is:

    0 */4 * * * /usr/bin/rsnapshot hourly

    Thank you!

  • You're probably running the cronjob as a different user and your SSH key is not in that user's home directory. Try to find out where the SSH key is and which user you're running rsnapshot as in both cases (manual/cronjob).

    That said, you shouldn't log in as root programmatically and you should do pull instead of push backups. My suggestion (which has nothing to do with the problem at hand) is that you create a separate backup user with the rights needed. Also you should make sure that your SSH key isn't password protected. And you shouldn't use cronjobs anymore because they're being replaced by systemd timers.

    Your cronjob would look like this as a timer:

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